MacGadka #120 – Thunderbolt 3 & USB-C

Another episode of MacGadka podcast about new MacBook Pros. This time we are talking over Thunderbolt 3, USB-C and related matters. Enjoy!

MacGadka #119 – Statler and Waldorf discuss Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pro line-up

Apple recently presented new MacBook Pro models. I am discussing them with Michał in the last episode of MacGadka. Enjoy!

MacGadka #117

Courtesy of Michał Masłowski (@mmmaslov) and MyApple (@myapplepl) I had the occasion to share my thoughts about the newly revealed iPhone 7 (Plus). Happy listening (in Polish)!

Faktura v1.3.2

Faktura 1.3.2 comes with standard portion of bug fixes and brings official macOS Sierra support. Enjoy!

Podrzekacz Podcast!

Podcast + narzekacz = Podrzekacz

Podcast + narzekacz = Podrzekacz

So it’s happening! Our new Podrzekacz podcast (in Polish) has just been published.

In this first episode, Marta is talking with me about upcoming App Store subscriptions, search ads and the change of Apple’s commission on App Store revenue.

It looks like we’ve made it and managed to publish just before WWDC‘s opening keynote.

Faktura v1.3.1

Apart from a usual portion of bug fixes and improvements, Faktura v1.3.1 brings the ability to change the way in which prices are being calculated for the currently edited document (using net or gross values as the initial price).

Faktura v1.3

Faktura v1.3 brings support for multiple corrective invoices. It also adds to the main app window a new column representing Tax ID no. This should be useful for everyone creating spreadsheets with Faktura’s data.

Faktura v1.2.6

Faktura v1.2.6 has just landed. This version brings another round of bug fixes and improvements.

Warsaw IT Days 2016

Warszawskie Dni Informatyki
This year’s edition of Warsaw IT Days will take place on 22nd-23rd March. It is the most prominent IT-related event for young professionals in Poland. You really should register here and seize the opportunity to join us!

Faktura v1.2.5

We have just released Faktura v1.2.5. This version brings long-awaited bug fixes and improvements.

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