As promised, below one can find a listing of the apps that had been mentioned during our classes.

Windows – RSS readers*: FeedDemon, RSSOwl
Windows – podcast managers*: iTunes

OS X – RSS readers: NetNewsWire, Reeder
OS X – podcast managers: iTunes, Overcast, Downcast, Instacast

Linux – RSS readers: Liferea, Akregator
Linux – podcast managers: Rhythmbox, Amarok, gPodder

Android – RSS readers*: Press, Feedly
Android – podcast managers*: Pocket Casts, BeyondPod, Podcast Addict

iOS – RSS readers: Reeder, Feedly, Newsify
iOS – podcast managers: Podcasty, Overcast, Downcast, Instacast, Pocket Casts

* If you use any other app that in your opinion should be mentioned here – please let me know about it. I will be glad to extend the list.

Worth listening to:
Radio Poland’s podcast offerings (So there is something available! Although only in English.)
Deutsche Welle’s podcast offerings

Referring to some of your opinions (surveys!) I seriously recommend searching iTunes U catalogue for ‘programming’. One can find there plenty of really interesting courses!

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.